- Possibility to take material from 200- or 20-liter drums

Possibility of mixing 1/5 - 1/15 with a special dosing pump

Thermostat controlled heating system for the main

material in cold environments

Auto control system that prevents possible damage to the

machine in sudden pressure increases due to blockages

that may occur in the main substance and catalyst circuits.

Automatic shut-off system with audible warning in

unexpected rate changes

Closing system that prevents the machines from making air

when the main material is finished

Hydraulic main material and dosing pump

hydraulically driven catalyst pump

Pressure hoses with special teflon resistant to high

pressure and chemical corrosion

Effective protection against corrosion with the use of

aluminum-bodied pneumatic pistons

Electrostatic powder paint against rust

Electrical system conforming to European conditions

B-Plate temperature-controlled system

Dosing pump pneumatic check valve system